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Crystalline Fructose Sweetener Powder 57-48-7 Food Additive Grade

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Crystalline Fructose Sweetener Powder 57-48-7 Food Additive Grade

Crystalline Fructose Sweetener Powder 57-48-7 Food Additive Grade
Crystalline Fructose Sweetener Powder 57-48-7 Food Additive Grade Crystalline Fructose Sweetener Powder 57-48-7 Food Additive Grade

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Product Details:
Place of Origin: Shaanxi
Brand Name: Spring bio
Model Number: spring-060
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1kg
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Foil bag/drum
Delivery Time: 5-8 work days
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 5ton permonth
Detailed Product Description
Product Name: Crystalline Fructose CAS: 57-48-7
MF: C6H12O6 Grade: Food Grade
Appearance: White Powder EINECS No: 200-333-3
Type: Sweeteners Dextrose: 0.5 %Max
High Light:

Crystalline fructose Sweetener Powder


Food Additive Grade Sweetener Powder



Food Additive Grade Sweetener Crystalline Fructose White Powder

Crystalline fructose as a new type of sweetener,it has characteristics that are significantly different from other sweeteners, such as pure sweetness, high sweetness, high purity, and obvious health benefits. Tests have shown that the sweetness of crystalline fructose is about twice that of sucrose; the purity is more than 99.5%; the taste is refreshing and sweet, keeping blood sugar balance.


Crytalline Fructose is an extract from a variety of fruits and grains, all-natural, rich sweetness of the new sugar, leading to high blood sugar due to easy, not easy to produce fat accumulation and fat, but does not produce caries, while being more people understanding. Can say that fructose is the world's safest known, one of the most healthy sugar. Fructose and related products are widely used in patients with diabetes and liver dysfunction. In food are mainly used as a sweetener.


Crystalline Fructose Sweetener Powder 57-48-7 Food Additive Grade 0


NAME: Fructose
SYNONYMS: Furucton



EINECS NO.: 200-333-3
HS CODE: 1702600000
SPECIFICATION: Items Specifications
  Appearances White crystals, free flowing, no foreign matters
  Fructose Assay % 98.0-102.0
  Loss on Drying % ≤ 0.5
  Specific optical rotation -91.0° – 93.5°
  Residue On Ignition % ≤ 0.05
  Hydroxymethyfurfural% ≤ 0.1
  Chloride % ≤ 0.018
  Dextrose % ≤ 0.5
  Sulphate % ≤ 0.025
  Acidity ml ≤ 0.50(0.02N NaOH)
  Heavy metals Pb mg/kg ≤5
  Calcium&Magnesium ≤0.005
  Lead mg/kg ≤100
  Total Plate Count ,cfu/g ≤1000
  Mould & Microzyme, cfu/g ≤10
  Coliform Group, MPN/100g



  Aerobic bacteria ≤1000
PACKAGING: 25 KG/BAG, 25Mt/20'ft
HANDLING&STORAGE: Kept in the dry and cool place
In the food industry, it is used as a high-sweetness sweetener, sweetness synergist, humectant, fragrance enhancer, with high osmotic pressure, low active water, and lower freezing point.
1. Sweet fructose is the sweetest among all nutritional sweeteners. In most food applications, the sweetness of fructose is almost 1.2-1.8 times that of sucrose.
2. Flavor enhancement The peak of the flavor release of fructose appears before glucose and sucrose, which will not obscure the release of fruity aroma, so it can better reflect the flavor of fruits.
3. Synergistic effect with other ingredients. If fructose is used synergistically with other sugars or sweeteners, it can enhance the sense of sweetness, improve the sweetness of food and beverages, and keep the softness of baked foods and beverages low. Viscosity.
Beverages: In soft drinks, it can have a synergistic effect with most sweeteners to mask the bitter taste after the sweetener. Fructose is the most ideal sweetener for sports drinks, because the gastric emptying speed of fructose is greater than that of sucrose and glucose, which helps the body's rehydration; in addition, fructose can also promote the absorption of minerals.
Dairy products and sweets: Fructose is an ideal sweetener for puddings, jellies, cream sweets, yogurt and ice cream. As fructose increases the sweetness, thereby reducing the calories of the product, at the same time the fruit flavor and chocolate flavor are enhanced. Due to the freezing point reduction effect of fructose, ice cream using fructose as a sweetener is softer and has no powdery taste. Candied fruit (candied fruit), jam: Because of the high osmotic pressure, fructose penetrates quickly when processing candied fruit, and the production time can be shortened. Mixed with sucrose, the finished product has a bright color. Used on preserves and jams, it has good antiseptic properties and is good for preservation.
Medicines and health foods: fructose is used to process health foods for sick and weak pregnant and infants; tooth decay is a common dental disease in children, and fructose is used to process children's special food or directly used as a sweetener for children, which is good for children's dental health. In recent years, many countries have used it to manufacture low-energy foods, baby foods, foods for the infirm and other nutritious foods and curative foods; granular fructose can be used to make granules and chewable tablets, such as vitamin complex chewable tablets. In addition, fructose can also be used for intravenous infusion.
Crystalline Fructose Sweetener Powder 57-48-7 Food Additive Grade 1
Fructose is a simple sugar, which is the most chemically active sugar among sugars. It naturally exists in honey, Jerusalem artichoke, chicory and other Compositae plants. Fructose has high sweetness, fruity fragrance, low calorific value, it is metabolized faster in the body than glucose, it is easily absorbed and utilized by the body, and it does not depend on insulin. It has little effect on blood sugar. It is suitable for people with glucose metabolism and liver dysfunction to supplement energy. In the human body, it can promote the growth and reproduction of beneficial bacteria such as bifidobacteria, inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria, improve human gastrointestinal function and metabolism, reduce blood lipids, and prevent dental caries. It is an ideal sweetener for diabetic, obese, and children's food. Functional characteristics:  High sweetness, sweetness enhancement, sweetness is 1.3-1.8 times that of sucrose. 
High osmotic pressure, osmotic pressure is 2 times that of sugar. Flavour enhancement, high fragrance retention and high affinity with protein, strengthen Mallard reaction  High moisture retention, low water activity  Reduce freezing temperature  Can chelate metal and have detoxification effect, alcohol decomposition in the body is stronger than glucose. Glucose liver sugar production is three times that of glucose. Urinary patients cannot use glucose but can use fructose. Application areas:  Beverages: Due to the high sweetness of fructose and low heat energy, health drinks often use fructose to reduce the solid content of sweeteners. The use of fructose in combination with other sweeteners such as glucose, sucrose and aspartame has the effect of intensifying sweetness, thereby reducing the cost of sweet materials. Tests have shown that mixing fructose and sucrose in a 1:1 ratio and adding them to beverages can reduce the amount of sweeteners by 20% compared to sucrose.

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